UX mobile

TunApp is a fictional project I created. The main purpose of this application is to connect musicians around the world and make it easier to find music by unsigned artists. TunApp is a platform where they can present their music, events and also create groups where they can, for example, find new band-members or share tips regarding producing.

The goal is that this application becomes a standard for, primarily, unsigned artists where focus is to lift others’ music as much as sharing your own tracks. **The artists are fictional, and if they happen to match any existing one, they do not refer to that.**

Video showing interactive prototype

The prototype was created using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. To make it interactive, marvel was used. I also created the music for the video.




The landing page in TunApp is “Flow”, which is a feed containing the lastest updates from the musicians, groups and events you follow or will attend. Number of likes, comments and plays are presented below each track. The three dots to the right of the track contain sharing and report options. You can also like and comment on events where also a calender icon is shown. When pressing this icon, you can choose to attend the event and it will thus be included in your events-page.



This is your profile-page. “Timeline” shows your latest actions, “Music” show your own music and also music you have liked and shared,”Groups” and “Events” show what groups and events you are a part of or have created. When other members visit your profile it looks like this, except, the notification and edit button in the right corner are exchanged to a follow and message button.



In the Groups-page you see the latest actions from the groups you are a part of.



The Events-page show updates form the events you are attending as well as suggestions for other events.



The explore page consists of four sub-categories. The first category is “Fishing” which is a swipe-based exploration page. You write in your search-words in the search-box and get suggestions of music, groups and events that are related to these search-words. To get more suggestions, you simply swipe left.



The menu can be viewed and hidden by pushing the three-line menu button. The active page is the one with white background.

Music player


The music player is always available at the bottom of the page as seen is previous pages. By swiping upwards, the player is shown as presented above. Here you can jump forward and backward in the track and like, comment and share.