Concept development – The MultiBag

The MultiBag was a school project created in order to practice concept development. The task was to design a solution for a specific target group and include important steps in the design process such as gaining empathy for the group and work in an iterative way.

Target group: Secondhanders (people who often buy secondhand items, mainly texiles)

Problem: Many secondhanders want to wash their secondhand buys before using them. It takes time and effort to wash, ventilate and steam the clothes, and many people do not hav a washing machine in their home or a balcony where they can ventilate their clothes. This means that it can take time before they actually can use their bargains.

Solution: The MultiBag, an all-in-one solution where the secondhanders can wash, ventilate and steam their clothes, that do not take up much space and is easy and effective to use. The MultiBag is connected to a smartphone application from which the users can activate the functions outside their home.


How it looks in use


How it looks when not in use


Technical sketch

multibag2_teknisk beskrivning

Physical prototypes