New Dashboard for Simply Events

Simply Events is an online ticketing platform offering a solution that makes it easy to create and market events.

My task was to redesign the dashboard of their service by including more functionalities, creating a better flow, a more eye-pleasing design and still keeping it easy to use. I created lo-fi prototypes, which were iterated several times, and continued by creating interactive hi-fi prototypes including making all icons. Adobe XD and Illustrator were the main programs I used in this process.

Since the dashboard includes several pages and numerous functions, this project was a very valuable and fun experience where I learned a lot about the importance of iterations and about me as a UX designer. The plan is to launch the new dashboard this summer.

Early prototypes
lofi_dashboard-templates    prototypecontent

Selection of Hi-fi prototypes
Design Event@2x

Design - Elements@2x

Design - Colors@2x


Tickets - Design Tickets@2x